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Let your friends
control the music
at your party
for free

How it goes down

  • Set up
    a playlist
    in seconds

  • Have
    your friends
    add songs...

  • ...and up-vote
    or down-vote

  • The song with
    the most votes
    is played next

Perfect for anywhere

The songs you love

Add any song from Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music*

As a guest, you don’t even need an account

Access your own and trending playlists for more inspiration

*Only for iOS, only for local songs

Everyone's invited

Join a playlist from iOS, Android or the web app

Set a web link for your playlist that lets anyone join in just seconds

Unite the party

Get your party rallied around one central screen that shows all playlist activity

See upcoming songs, newly added tracks, and the party’s top DJs

Project your playlist either through the custom web link or Google Chromecast

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